Measuring workforce productivity and success: Tips and best practices

Measuring your workforce productivity allows you to improve processes, employee engagement and retention factors, and customer satisfaction.

Mitigating risks in nearshoring: Protecting your data with cybersecurity best practices

From cybersecurity training to network security platforms, these are the cybersecurity best practices your nearshore partner should have in place.

Training your nearshore team: Tips and best practices

At Rapido, we prioritize setting clear expectations and providing thorough training from day one — and that starts with training.

TIA 2024: Insights from Rapido's CEO

Rapido’s CEO shares his insights from attending TIA 2024 and speaking on a panel about training and company culture.

5 Tips for getting the most out of your nearshore team

At Rapido, we believe in taking a partnership approach to nearshoring to ensure the highest level of success from your nearshore team.

Why logistics: The benefits of starting a new career in logistics

A logistics career at Rapido offers a dynamic and rewarding professional journey filled with opportunities for career growth, stability, and fulfillment.

Rapido Solutions Group Opens New Office in Leon

Rapido opens its second office in Mexico, expanding its service offerings for US-based logistics companies.

Debunking 5 common nearshoring myths: Unveiling the benefits of a nearshore team

From a loss of control to cultural barriers to poor quality, we’re debunking the 5 most common misconceptions about nearshoring.

More Than Just Staffing: Future Planning & Strategic Growth

Devoting time and resources to future planning can lead to strategic growth, better resource management, and market responsiveness.

More Than Just Staffing: A Company Culture for Success

At Rapido, we believe that a positive company culture promotes employee satisfaction, retention, productivity, and success for the overall organization.

More Than Just Staffing: Organizational Design

Good organization design helps improve productivity, employee engagement, and adaptability. With nearshoring, you can optimize resources and scale efficiently.

More Than Just Staffing: Workforce Scalability

The ability to scale your business is key for fluctuating market demands and seasonal variations. Rapido has the experience, resources, and processes to help.

More Than Just Staffing: The Rapido Solution

Rapido goes beyond conventional logistics staffing. With us, you get a true partner in organizational design, employee development, and strategic planning.

Update Your Hiring Strategy with a Nearshore Team

There are various benefits of nearshoring, from lower labor costs to cultural alignment. Rapido helps you update your hiring strategy and design a nearshore team to meet your goals.

What Is Nearshoring: Is It Right for Your Business

Nearshoring can help businesses achieve cost savings and efficient operations. Learn how to decide if nearshoring is right for your logistics and supply chain business.

2024 Freight Market Trends: Leveraging Nearshoring

Navigate the freight market in 2024 with solutions like nearshoring that help you improve operational efficiency and strengthen profit margins.

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