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Our people feel appreciated and we appreciate our people. We give them tools to succeed both in the office and in the world. Join our team and begin your exciting career in logistics.

At Rapido, we prioritize our people and our culture. We aim to find top talent, arm them with tools to succeed, and invest in their wellbeing both in and out of the office.
Our values

The driving force behind everything we do

Be an open book and work on behalf of everyone around you.
Encourage success and acknowledge it when it happens.
Have high standards in all facets of business, in life, and in your community.
Life is a series of transformational experiences. Find your balance.
Our everyday is fueled by being better than the day before.

In the words of our people

Get an insider's perspective on what it's like to be part of the Rapido team.

Jorge Ochoa

Team Lead

“As a team lead, I find fulfillment in assisting people, solving problems, and providing timely answers. What sets Rapido's company culture apart is the vibrant diversity and the sense of safety it creates for expressing oneself freely. I chose to work at Rapido due to the exceptional benefits and the wonderful culture we all experience both at work and in our personal lives; my favorite aspect is their comprehensive and human approach. They truly understand that our personal lives impact our work, and they strive to help us achieve a healthy balance.”

Jorge Ochoa
Team Lead

Maria Isabel Delgadillo Blanco

Customer Service Agent

“As a customer service agent at Rapido, I thrive in the pleasant work environment that surrounds me. Each day, I have the opportunity to learn new things that contribute to my professional growth. The inclusive activities and dynamics at Rapido make me feel like part of a supportive team. I quickly discovered that Rapido offers a unique environment where I can truly be myself and where everyone is willing to support my personal improvement."

Maria Isabel Delgadillo Blanco
Customer Service Agent

Roberto Carlos Pacheco

Customer Service Representative

“As part of the Rapido team, I cherish the dynamic activities that bring us together and the tools provided for continuous growth. It’s refreshing to be in an environment where raising one's voice to make a positive change is encouraged. I happily come into the office every day knowing that my work and myself are truly appreciated – plus I’ve formed so many meaningful friendships with my coworkers.”

Roberto Carlos Pacheco
Customer Service Representative

The perks of Rapido

We care about our employees — offering benefits that invest in their well-being and long-term growth.

Logistics 101 training

Career path opportunities

Wellness and resiliency programs

Savings fund match

Private medical insurance

Food vouchers

Vibrant work environment

Accessible leadership team

Life at


Our offices mirror the vibrant, collaborative environment of a logistics brokerage floor. This isn’t a callcenter; this is a team-oriented environment filled with hard workers and critical thinkers.

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