Our process

The right team.
The right way.

We leverage our experience and logistics expertise to build a better process — from recruiting and training to co-managing.
You won’t find call-center mentality with Rapido. In fact, that goes against our philosophy of attracting top talent, training them, arming them with tools to succeed, and investing in their well-being for long-term growth and fulfilling careers in logistics.
Design your ideal team
No two companies are the same. We take the time to get to know your business and your needs so we can help you design the right team to meet your goals.


We ask the right questions to understand your business and your needs.


This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; we’re flexible so you get what you need.


We’ll align on goals and set expectations up front to ensure ongoing success.


Change can be scary, but we’re there every step of the way to answer questions and calm nerves.

Find and hire the right people for the job
Our leaders have experience building the best teams in the logistics industry. We find solution-oriented talent who thrive in high-pressure environments and arm them with tools for success.

Prioritize skills

We’ll help you prioritize the skill sets and candidate traits that are most important for your team.

Pre-vetted candidates

You’ll only meet with candidates who have been pre-vetted as potential matches.

Tech-enabled process

We use a recruiting software to make scheduling and managing interviews more efficient.

Easy collaboration

You can easily share candidate feedback and get stakeholder buy-in throughout the process.

Get them up to speed with our extensive training program
Our training is comprehensive and prepares candidates on a technical and critical thinking level so they come to you ready to perform and represent your brand the way you would.

Logistics 101

Our Logistics 101 training was designed by industry experts with 20+ years of experience.

Bespoke training

We’ll work with you to create a specialized training program to ensure employees know your business.

Open communication

We send surveys to collect feedback from new reps and ensure they feel prepared to get to work.

Learning never stops

We’ll continue to arm reps with the tools and training they need for success.

Lean on us for co-managing your new team
We don’t just hand over your team and walk away. We continue to provide support and performance management to ensure your team members are meeting their KPIs.

Dedicated support

You’ll have a dedicated customer success manager assigned to your account.

Setting expectations

We’ll help you set expectations and KPIs so reps are set up for success.

Consistent check-ins

We’ll schedule regular check-ins to review your team’s performance and KPIs.

Performance reporting

You’ll receive performance updates, including dashboards, graphs, and rep-specific reports.

Get ongoing support for strategic growth
As your business grows, so do your needs. We analyze insights from surveys, reports, quarterly business reviews, and market research to recommend strategic growth opportunities.

Quarterly surveys

You’ll get quarterly surveys so you can communicate feedback and share ideas.

Business reviews

We’ll hold regular business reviews to celebrate successes and identify opportunities for growth.

Quality and development

Our Quality and Development team provides coaching support and helps develop reps for leadership roles.

Strategic growth

You can scale your team as needed; we’ll help identify new roles when your team is ready to grow.

"My advice is to treat your nearshore team like your own employees. Have regular 1:1s with the team — the more they feel a part of the US-based organization the harder they will work and the more productive they will be."

Bridget Messina (Palcko)

Senior Vice President, Operations

"If I really need someone, Rapido can get me a solid candidate in two weeks, working in three. We needed track and trace reps for our carrier reps — five in three weeks’ time. Rapido came through for us."

AJ DeGroot

Senior Vice President, Operations

Ready. Set. Go Rapido.

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